30 before 30

Last New Year’s Eve my sisters, sisters in law, and myself decided to make lists of things/goals based on our age. At the time I was 25 so I made a 30 things I wanted to do/accomplish before turning 30 years old. I really liked the idea of having many goals to accomplish instead of just one new years resolution. Here is my list and how I’ve done so far! (the list is in no particular order)

1. Find a hobby I love   Still working on this 
2. Get better at photo editing   Haven’t even started on this
3. Keep up with photos—organizing and printing   Haven’t worked on this
4. Get better at photography  Still learning how to take photos
5.Exercise more   I was excerising everyday after Pippa was born, but then I got pregnant again and stopped.
6. Get unfat  I was almost down to my “unfat” body when I got pregnant again
7. Start an Etsy shop  Haven’t done this and I have no idea what I would sell—suggestions?
8. Get more confidence in life  Working on this daily, but still not confident!
9. Read the Old Testament  Josh and I are reading it together, maybe by the time I am 30 I will have finished it!
10. Decorate our bedroom Started this before we moved, but now our bedroom is plain and boring!
11. Learn to do my make up better  Still horrible at this, wish I could do it though!
12. Try Indian food I did this!!
13. Get a better wardrobe  HA! Maybe after this baby is born.
14. Try a new hairstyle I got bangs and a new hair color in March.
15. Travel with confidence Haven’t had the chance
16. Travel to Boston  Nope
17. Travel to NYC  Nope
18. Travel to Switzerland  Nope
19. Travel to France again  Working on this…
20. Buy a house  Working on this as well…
21. Make a headboard  Last January!
22. Have a baby  February 17, 2012!!
23. Find a decorating style and implement it  Haven’t started on this at all
24. Celebrate life more
25. Do more DIY projects  I have done a lot more DIY projects this year and hope to continue doing them!
26.  Learn French  I got Rosette Stone, now I just have to use it!
27. Document my life more  I have been using instagram, taking more photos, and I kept a journal for most of the year!
28. Give Josh more hugs and kisses I try to work on this daily because he deserves so many hugs and kisses!
29. Eat more fruits and veggies  Definitely still need to work on this!
30. Get out and do more things in my daily life  I haven’t done this yet, but am excited to!

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