Walkaway Delight

I really wanted to make a special and super delicious breakfast for Christmas morning. I was all excited to make a pastry called a walkaway that I found on the web, but Christmas eve we had so much fun staying up with Ben and Aileen I never got around to making the dough that requires two rises. So I decided to be lazy and not wake up at 5am on Christmas to make them. Instead we had waffles, bacon, and eggs—which was really tasty!

I had bought all the ingredients for the walkaways though, so Wednesday I got up the motivation to make them. They take a long time to make, but are definitely worth it! I only made one (blackberry), next time I will probably make two with different flavors. You can find the directions here.

The sugar pearls were really a fun topping to have. I got them at a Scandinavian store in Ballard. If it hadn’t been so crowded I would have probably spent an hour in there looking around–it was such a neat place!

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